Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Socks Times Two

I finished the red socks for my younger sister (see 09 March 2010) on 20 March, but haven't gotten home from work while it was still daylight to take a photograph of them. I was finally able to take a photograph of them over the weekend. (Click on a photo to enlarge it.)

She wanted knee socks, and knee socks she got. The legs are 14 1/2 inches long from the bottom of the heel to the cuff. That's a lot of sock, even in a size small---147 square inches. The pattern is Wendy Johnson's Nanner Socks.

Last night, I also finished the pair of socks I was knitting (for myself) this month. They, too, are a Wendy Johnson pattern; this one is her Waterfall Socks. Both patterns are fast, easy, and fun to knit, and the results are lovely.

The red socks were knit with Lorna's Lace Shepherds Sock yarn in the Bold Red colorway. The Waterfall socks were knit with Dream in Color Smooshy (my favorite sock yarn!) in the Into the Mystic colorway.

The Waterfall Socks are almost as long as the red socks, but, since I'm quite a few inches taller than my younger sister, the Waterfalls are a couple inches short of being knee socks. I wore them today, but if anyone noticed, they did not comment.

I knew, and I suppose that's all that matters.

I'm currently turning the heels on another pair of socks---yet another Wendy Johnson pattern, this one her Mallow Socks. I hope to finish them before April 1st, when the next sock challenge begins, but that seems unlikely. Knitting while reading a pattern off a chart always takes longer than knitting a pattern with an easily memorizable repeat.

What are you knitting now?


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