Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finished Objects!

I have finished several projects this month---three shawls and my July pair of socks.

The first object finished was a scarf/shawlette. The pattern is called Baktus. It's a simple, easy knit---all garter stitch---and it is knit from one side to the other. Mine was knit with two skeins of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn in the Tropical Ginger colorway. I started this scarf on 29 June and finished on 11 July. This scarf will be a Christmas present for my youngest sister or one of my nieces. Once I have all my Christmas knitting done, I will decide who gets what item. (As always click on any photo to enlarge.)

The second object finished was a lace scarf for which I test knit the pattern. The pattern is called Easy Bamboo Lace Scarf, and it is by Michelle Miller (a.k.a. Fickleknitter). My scarf is made out of Monkeypal Superwash Sock yarn, in the Purple People Eater colorway. It was a fast, fun, and easy knit. I started on 08 July and finished on 15 July, despite several restarts attempting to get gauge. The photo at left, taken while the scarf was still on the block board, shows the pattern better; the photo on the right shows the color variation and the "big picture."

My third finished object was a shawl. (Are you noticing a trend here?) The pattern is Reflection Shawl by Ruth Greenwald. It is knit with Fleece Artist BFL Sock yarn in a colorway dyed for a sock yarn club I belong to. (BFL is Blue-Faced Leicester.) This was the first time I'd used a yarn with a BFL base, and I liked it. This shawl was also a fast knit. I started on 17 July, restarted (because I thought my cast-on was too tight) late (nearly midnight) on 18 July, and finished on 24 July. This shawl was knit from the neck down---but started with only 11 stitches (the center panel and two stitches on either side of it). As I neared the end of the pattern, I had plenty of yarn left, so after determining how many yards it took to knit a row, and how many yards of yarn I had left, I added ten rows of eyelet alternating with garter stitch ridges before the final rows of eyelet and garter stitch. This shawl is my younger sister's Christmas present. When I opened the package and saw the yarn, my first thought was "Linda yarn." Her favorite color is yellow.

My fourth---and final---finished object this month was my July pair of socks. These are Wendy Johnson's Serpentine Socks from Socks From the Toe Up. My socks are knit with Colinette Jitterbug, a wonderful sportweight sock yarn that I had never used before, in the Blue Parrot colorway. Although at first glance the pattern appears to be cables, there is nary a cable to be found. The movement of the stitches is accomplished by strategically placed yarn overs and knit two togethers or yarn overs and slip-slip-knits. The bottom photo shows the pattern and the color variation in the yarn. These socks were another fast, fun knit. I started my socks on 01 July, knit regularly on them until the heels were turned on 06 July, then got distracted by shawls, etc., and barely touched them again until the end of last week. I finished my socks on 27 July.

As you can see, I knit until I was almost out of yarn, resulting in knee socks. The socks hadn't been blocked yet when this picture was taken, which is why I'm modelling them instead of my sock blockers doing the modelling.

Although I hoped to finish a few projects that have been languishing on the needles for a while, I wasn't able to do that. But I have been working on the sleeves of my great-niece's sweater-tunic.

I've been wanting to start a sweater. I've knit the gauge swatch, and since the sweater is an Aran with a lot of different cables, I'm knitting a swatch cap, so I'll know the gauge for each of the cables. Before I can start the sweater, though, I have to finish the one of the Adult Surprise Jackets, since my two US8 size long circular needles are being used on the ASJs.

The wedding stole I'm test knitting is coming along. I'm about halfway through the third pattern repetition.

What are you knitting this summer?



  1. No idle hands for you this summer! The shawls are lovely and the socks wonderful.
    I'm not as productive as you are but I think my summer knitting is in the same place as yours- I'm knitting (and finishing)a lot of fun projects but I have a lot of UFOs that I'm just not inspired to finish.

  2. Why is it that UFOs are not as much fun as new projects?


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