Sunday, August 15, 2010


I finished the shawlette for which I was test knitting the pattern on Wednesday (the 11th). I was afraid that I would run out of yarn before I reached the end of the pattern, but after I bound off, I had two whole yards of yarn left. That's about as close as I care to come.

With the wedding stole, on the other hand, I will have yarn left over when I reach the end of the pattern. Last night, I hit the 85 percent mark: I left off halfway through the ninth pattern repetition. (The pattern calls for ten repetitions.) I may add a few more pattern repetitions, to add a bit of extra length and to use all the yarn.

I will post pictures of the shawlette and the wedding stole once the designers publish the patterns and/or give me the okay to post photos of their designs.

I was waiting to finish the shawlette before casting on a shawl of my own design, but despite the shawlette being finished (not blocked yet---that's a project for later today), I still haven't started that particular shawl. I did, however, start Jared Flood's Girasole, as part of a KAL (knit along) with a group of ladies (mostly) and gents (a few) in one of my Ravelry groups. I've also started another, large shawl pattern test knit. The new large shawl test knit is a circular shawl, knit in fingering or laceweight yarn. I'm using fingering yarn because I didn't have enough (1400-1600 yards) of any laceweight yarn.

One of the reasons I haven't cast on the shawl of my own design is that I have been working, off and on, on the Coat of Many Colors---the Adult Surprise Jacket knit in various Noro Silk Garden colorways. The Coat of Many Colors now has buttonholes! (TCOMC has been waiting for its buttonholes since mid-January. In April, for part of a day, it had ugly one-row buttonholes. Now, however, it has nice, neat, three-row buttonholes.) I need to knit a couple more rows on the placket, then it will be time to bind-0ff. Long-time readers of my blog will recall that the placket row has more than 700 stitches, so knitting a row takes a while. Early in the week, TCOMC was my it's-too-late-at-night-to-knit-lace project; now the Girasole seems to have taken over that role. But I will finish TCOMC this month! Once the knitting is completed, I'll have to weave in the skillions of yarn ends on its back side. (The photo shows the state of the Coat of Many Colors in late January.)

I want to cast on the shawl I designed in the next day or two. I plan to knit it during the "Kick-off Celebration"---the Powers That Be's term for the mandatory three days of speechifying, meetings, etc. that faculty and staff are required to attend on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I have not yet cast on my August pair of socks. Socks would be another good project for the Kick-off Celebration, so I hope to get this month's pair started before Wednesday morning. Or perhaps I'll start them Wednesday morning, during the first speech of the day. This month's pattern is a more manly one than most of Ms. Johnson's patterns, so I was contemplating knitting these socks for the Boy Child. But given that this month is half over, I may not have time to knit for Bigfoot. I'll have to think about that some more between now and when I cast on.

Also on the needles---but about three weeks behind the rest of the group---is an Aran KAL. This sweater (called Ingvold Aran) is being knit from the top down. I'll be knitting a cardigan, but at the moment, I'm still working on my swatch cap. A lapful of worsted wool is a bit much in 90-plus degree weather (which is why I'm three weeks behind everyone else, since they live in cooler climes).

What are you knitting this month?


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